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School Info:

What is the name of your school?
What grade levels does your school service?

Would you like all grade levels to participate?

Performance Info:

How many performances would you like for your school?(The average is 2 per school year, but we can accommodate more or less as needed or wanted)

How many children do you expect to participate in the production?

What space would be used for the performances?

Are there rental fee's to use the rooms?

Legal Info:

We have our own insurance, but to help keep costs down, many schools or PTA's will bring us under their umbrella. Is this an option at your school?

We have current fingerprints, background checks and TB tests on file for all staff. Are the ones on file acceptable or does your school require seperate checks?

Are there any other specific requirements besides the standard insurance, TB and background checks for your enrichment programs to fulfill at your school?

Do you currently have any other enrichment programs at your school?