3 Snaps Productions consists of 12 to 14 after school rehearsals spread out over a 4 to 6 week rehearsal schedule. At the end of the rehearsal schedule, 4 to 6 performances, based on the school’s preference and schedule are performed. Each production can handle up to a maximum of 50 students, and all students who audition for the program, up to the maximum will be involved in the show in some capacity.

These programs are flexible, and can be designed specifically for your building and your student population.
We provide all costumes, sets, props, music, direction and scripts. Everything needed to produce a quality entertaining show. Your organization just needs to provide the space to rehearse and perform.

The scripts have been written specifically with school audiences in mind. They are up-beat, humorous, contemporary adaptations of fairy tales with humor that appeals to both children and adult audience members alike.