Our programs are managed and paid for by the students who use them, much like “pay to play” philosophies that have been adopted by so many school districts for their sports programs. The participation fee is based on number of student enrolled and any other fees like space rental or custodian fees that may occur. No child will be turned away from the program for inability to pay the tuition.

The only thing the organization needs to provide is a place to work and perform, and a way to get information to your students. 3 Snaps Productions takes all the risk for making sure the show is paid for.

There are a wide range of possibilities available for the implementation for our programs. In some cases, building parent organizations have contracted to bring the program into the building and oversee its operation. In others, principals or teachers have been instrumental in beginning the program for their buildings. Some schools opt to bring in the entire program for a a year, then a staff member takes it over later on.

We even offer special rates for schools where a teacher or other faculty member would like to direct their theatre program, but would love to have some assistance in all other aspects of production. In these cases, we provide all the costumes, sets, music and scripts, and the faculty member supplies the supervision and artistic direction.